Wireless, miniaturized and wearable sensor

The Existing PainMonitor device (Pain measuring box, software-licences, proprietary disposable electrodes).

The new innovative solution of the Eurostar proposal (E!11594 – Pain and Outcome Sensor: Wireless, miniaturized and wearable sensor to assess pain, nerve block and skin conductance activity, software-licences and proprietary disposable electrodes):

The PainSensor, the NerveBlockSensor, the SkinConductanceActivitySensor” are all based on the same hardware solution but have different IP-protected software applications. This sensor will be a rechargeable non-disposable device which is, miniaturized, wearable and wireless. It will be connected to the ICT platforms (Philips and other available patient monitors) and Windows-based solutions where all other vital signs will be showed. The existing proprietary disposable electrodes will be used.