MedStorm Innovation

MedStorm Innovation is a medical technology company pioneering in developing a method based on analysing skin conductance or emotional sweating.

Med-Storm Innovation was founded in 1999. The main focus was to validate the PainMonitor also called Skin Conductance Algesimeter when assessing pain and nociceptive stimuli. The company has CE-certified indices to assess pain and nociceptive stimuli as well as awakening from anaesthesia. More recently there have been published studies showing that the PainMonitor device can be used to assess regional NerveBlock and Withdrawal symptoms, and Med-Storm Innovation has obtained CE-certification on these indices. All the indices are in the PainMonitor devices. More than 70 validation studies are published through peer-reviewed journals. All the studies show that the Skin Conductance Algesimeter Index increases during painful events and decreases when analgesia is given. There are now 8 approved patents on the algorithms of the indices and the proprietary sensors. Additionally, another 5 pendent IP-applications are applied for. Through worldwide sales and grants from the Norwegian governments and the European committee, Med-Storm Innovation has been able to build sensitive and specific skin conductance device as a standalone model. The stand alone monitor is connected to all Philips patient monitors, some Mindray, Nihon Koden and Draeger patient monitors.

We further developed the product to offer a wireless, miniaturized, and wearable sensor available in 2022. This sensor is a low cost, wireless and wearable PainSensor (PAM) with electrodes. Our accurate, real-time, and objective pain assessment offers a simple, real-time readout number to improve pain management. The Pain Index is transferred to patient data monitoring systems, and the PainSensor integrates with Philips patient monitoring systems.