MedStorm’s PainSensor (PAM)

MedStorm Innovation faces the challenges of pain management by offering a unique PainSensor (PAM) for precise measurement of real-time pain assessment. PAM measures pure changes in skin conductance, and is therefore not influenced by hemodynamic and respiratory instability. The technology can be used to tailor the need for analgesia and sedatives, to reduce side effects from over- and under- medication, which may lead to reducing the length of stay and therefore costs for the hospitals.


The special advantage of PAM is its Bluetooth technology, which allows wireless transmission of the measurement data to different displays such as common Vital Signs or to common notebooks or tablets Microsoft based and finally also being used with PDMS. That enable a maximum of flexibility and usability.

PAM indices

PAM has different indices and application areas. MedStorm’s real-time, IP-protected PainSensor is based on skin conductance changes during anaesthesia, intensive care, postoperatively and in preterm infants. Additionally, the device has indices for assessing awakening, withdrawal symptoms, and the effect of regional nerve block within seconds.

The regional Nerve block Index can detect whether the nerve is blocked faster than the traditional methods

  • Assess within seconds when regional anaesthesia acts on the skin sympathetic nerves without myelin.
  • The regional nerve block application may secure that the nerve-block is still active.
  • Currently possible to assess peripheral nerve block at the extremities.


MedStorm’s technology is based on 20 years of medical research, and there are more than 70 supportive validation studies and 3 theses. All studies show that the index increases during pain and nociceptive stimuli, and may predict painful events more sensitively and specifically than other available tools in all age groups. Moreover, the index decreases when analgesia is given. The index reacts within seconds, has low variation between and within individuals, and has higher accuracy to assess pain responses as compared to current methods. MedStorm PainSensor is unique in measuring pure skin-conductance signals, and is therefore not influenced by hemodynamic and respiratory instability.